Couture Nail Artistry is a business founded on the principles of God first, and healthy skin and nails second, and fashion and style third.  Hailing from Milwaukee, Couture’s founder, Janel Thomas, has made a name for herself in the Wisconsin and Virginia as one of the top nail artists around.  With a bit of Milwaukee and Chicago flavor and a bit of East coast flare, she brings class and charisma to the nail game with bold designs and fresh new ideas.  Over ten years of experience has given her the ability to deliver a level of craftsmanship and artisanship like none other.  She takes nail artistry to a completely new level...a level of high fashion and couture style.

Janel is always looking forward to meeting new people and building new clientele.  Her belief is that it is extremely important to educate each client and ensure that no matter what, healthy nails and sanitation are the highest priority.  Many discount salons do not care about the health of a client’s nails.  They typically do not sanitize all of their tools and tend to reuse things from client to client without proper disinfection or sanitation.  Their concern is typically the speed at which they can get thru numerous clients throughout the day.  Though Janel’s services are time efficient, health and educating the client are key to ensuring that each client is satisfied at the end of his or her nail service.  Tools are cleaned and sanitized after each client and anything that can carry disease that can’t be disinfected is thrown away or given to the client for personal use.  Janel’s products are free of harsh chemicals like MMA and she uses high quality products to ensure the best service possible.

At this time, appointments are required but you’re welcome to call to be added to the waitlist in the event of cancellations/walk-in availability.  Therefore, if you are looking for a great place just to relax and be yourself then you have found the right place.  Call and schedule your appointment today and be sure to ask us about our monthly specials.

Right now she is located inside of London Suites at 8522 W. Lisbon Avenue, Suite 3D, Milwaukee. You can also reach her by phone at (414) 892-4749.



Wednesday - Friday: 10:00am - 7:00pm 
Saturday: 10:00am - 5:00pm  
Sunday - Tuesday: CLOSED